Club mix-in and team practice

All members of a reasonable standard are invited to join in any appropriate sessions, without booking.

For Club sessions times and the number of courts used please refer to the online court booking.

The club supplies balls for all the official sessions.

Monday After school Junior club session (summer only)

Tuesday Afternoon Senior club session

Wednesday Morning Senior club session

Thursday Afternoon Senior club session

Friday Summer evening Senior team practice
Winter afternoons

Sunday Morning Senior club session


Courts are free to all members who can book a court for 2 hours, up to 4 weeks ahead.

To book a court or cancel a court no longer required Follow the link or click on the image below and then login.

NOTE: You must be logged in to book or cancel your free membership courts.

Members' Guests

Members can invite friends and family to play as their guests on an occasional basis.
There is a guest fee of

£2 for senior guests, and
£1 for junior guests.

This guest fee is to be collected by the member on behalf of the club and full details of how to register and pay for your guests is posted in the club house.

To book a court

Please follow this link, or click on the image below, select an available court, book and
please make don't forget to make the appropriate payment.

You will be sent an email with entry information.